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Tsatsoulis Company is a strong, highly focused company with a clearly defined area of business.

Unique quality from past to present.

From our unique harvesting methods, to the one-of-a-kind packaging designs, we’re always looking to make our process as efficient, eco-friendly, and forward-thinking as possible.

Founded on Family Values

We are dedicated to bringing you nothing but the best. It’s a tradition grounded in values that still run in our genes.

What We Do

We give more people access to the freshest, tastiest, cleanest, most responsibly grown produce available. Why We Do It? For the health of all people, and our planet. It’s a big job, and we’re up for it.

The business is still family owned to this day, now led by the third generation and we’re all very proud to make the finest quality.

Our Vision

We are a family company with a set of values based on our expert knowledge, moving forward, rising to challenges, being dependable and protecting our future.

Over the last few generations, our lifestyles have changed radically. We now live at a faster pace and often seem to lack time for balanced, regular meals. For many, processed meals have replaced simple, nourishing wholefoods. They are convenient, but often fail to provide the nutrients we require. Since it began, Tsatsoulis Mediterranean’ purpose has been to help people combine good nutrition with modern living. We have sourced a range of wholefoods with exceptional nutritional richness that can support modern lifestyles rather than forcing them to change.

It's a
Matter Of Numbers

Processing since then, still young though.
Ultra modern factories, in the heart of fertile lands.
Products, retail and Foodservice, and still counting.
Unique product recipes (plus one, while you’re reading this).
Jars leave our production lines every year to reach your table.
Countries and still going further, world-around, from New Zealand and Australia to Mexico and Canada.

Royal Tsatsoulis Bros (RTB) is located in the industrial area of Xanthi in north-eastern Greece, and has a strong international presence. The company business is the food and beverages sector, particularly the processing of fresh vegetables, such as peppers, olives, tomatoes and pickled vegetables.

RTB is a family-owned business founded in 1925 by the current owners’ grandfather in Kavala (35 km from its current location). The two owners succeeded their father as owners and managers. The company started by selling pickles in large volumes for the Greek market and has now expanded into new markets and products. In 1967 RTB initiated exporting to Germany, taking advantage of the strong presence of Greek immigrants there. The company’s first foray into exporting had been in 1936 by the current owners’ grandfather who reached an agreement to export pickled vegetables stored in wooden barrels to England. It was not until 1986 that the company decided to start packaging its products in jars under the company’s label.

This decision was further fostered by the company’s relocation to Xanthi in 1998, where two main advantages were evident: first, the opportunity to use a biological system of cleaning of waste water and, second, the opportunity to expand the processing system by importing new technology (machines) that would allow the company to offer new products in labelled jars and other packages. Following relocation, RTB was able to take make economies of scale and promote products to large retailers, such as supermarkets. The company was soon able to enter additional foreign markets, such as Saudi Arabia, while continuously expanding its production process and its variety of products (such as vegetables stuffed with cheese and other delicatessen items). Nowadays, the company exports to 28 different countries, ranging from America to the Ukraine, Finland and Africa. Exports represent almost 80% of annual sales. The company sells to all major supermarkets, and can offer customers own-brand labelling, thus very often producing customised products in terms of the product and packaging.

One of the company’s current owners, who has also been the general manager since 1995, studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a graduate degree in Agricultural Engineering, and a master’s degree in Food Technology and Control. He has worked in the company from an early age and is aware of the different procedures and tasks performed in all departments of RTB. Nowadays, he is mainly responsible for the management, while he is also engaged in the research and development Department and quality control. His brother is in charge of the production department.

RTB’s annual turnover exceeded €13 million in 2011, illustrating a stable growth pattern over the past few years. There are 75 people employed throughout the year in the Greek company, with 50 more employed on a seasonal basis, during the harvest period. Owing to the family nature of the business, the personnel have remained stable throughout the company’s history. There is no collective representation of employees or a works council.